Kicked out of the clan > Kicked out of the clan

Kicked and banned departed, demoted


Lewis. Both accounts kicked, because not using both attacks in war and not following war plan.

Paulon. Kicked for not following war plan.

Sunnat. Kicked for not using attacks.

Lucky shots. Left because he was not chosen for war after not following war plan. Big ass cry baby.

Clauds and (Clauds) left the clan because he always ended up covering the bottom basses for loose stars instead of having 3 stars all to himself. It's a team game, one star is as important as 3 stars. He has let us down in the middle of a war so now he is banned.
Wolf blood was kicked for not following plan and only turning up for wars. People need to get involved in the whole clan
Ryan, turned up, never spoke, missed war, gone for ever
Skin.. Wouldn't grow up
King me.. Ass
Love hunter... Requesting loads donating nothing
Warrior master.. Not involved

Look after for: Oscar de Mighty, Jack The Great, everyone in Orange Emerald clan, Aidan, and umm... idk there is a long list of people on the naughty list.

Any names would be useful


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